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“TEN Warszawiak” restaurant was established to fulfill a desire for authentic places on the map of Warsaw.

The restaurant is a sentimental tribute to the past, when Varsovians spent their free time on the Vistula beaches and in popular Legia swimming pools – the center of the capital’s social life in the times of the PRL (Polish People’s Republic).

We want to show young generations what Varsovians ate, drank, and how they spent their free time in the past decades. We take our guests on a nostalgic journey through time, during which they will not only discover the flavors, but also music and traditions of the PRL.

This is the only place on Vistula Boulevards with traditional Polish cuisine!


ten warszawiak dania na bulwarach
pierogi w TEN Warszawiak
ten warszawiak-dania polskiej kuchni
ten warszawiak - dania polskiej kuchni
żur polski w TEN Warszawiak
galaretka miesna w TEN Warszawiak
Łukasz Reczek - szef kuchni



Our Chef – A Varsovian, a chef, and, above all, one fantastic man.

The heart of the restaurant is the kitchen and its chef, who has perfected the flavors of dishes that triumphed in the times of the PRL.

Our chef is a passionate guardian of old flavors. Our restaurant’s authentic dishes and unique atmosphere make our guests come back to us regularly.


Łukasz Reczek

Chef in Ten Warszawiak

Ul. Wioślarska 10, 00-400 Warszawa

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Phone: 730 020 627

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